Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smile - The Mystery !!!!

                      I needed a lighter topic to prove myself to some of my friends that ....I'm still the same old immature boy.I was very sure that my last two blogs have diverted some of my friends and hence i thought I get into my usual business of making people around me smile and I couldn't think of any better topic!!!.

I dint know what to write so much and what to think so much about such a topic Smile...but then it isn't a simple topic either!!..Well ..I believe the most complex gesture of a human individual is 'Smile'.Nobody could ever read a smile and understand a smile.There are many who misunderstand a smile .We have so many live examples where in people misinterpret a smile and might end up in loosing their own smile....sometimes forever!!.Sometimes temporarily coz of the muscles (which stretches when you smile) problem which caused due to the direct contact with a light weight ,mostly leather,object moving with heavy speed!!! Smile can be so pleasant sometimes.....for ex : hey maga,she smiled kano. Although it reminds the muscles coming to direct contact of fast moving object,for the moment it feels like heaven.As long as you make sure that nobody else is standing on the same straight line passing through the centre of gravity of your body and her body  when she smiled!!....otherwise it could result to be fatal!!.....Another example of the heavenly smile is a just born baby's smile .Its so natural and so real and so beautiful.....anyone would undoubtedly be lost in a baby's smile at least in two circumstances ..a) Its some one's baby 2) Its your own baby and you know it!!!....any other circumstance could be deadlier than earlier one for sure!!!!!!

A smile can some times be really serious.Ex: The smile of the dean in
hindi movie Munnabhai MBBS.Every time such smiles are encountered its advised to escape.Imagine the seriousness of the smile,when you take your self tampered progress card to home after your exam results without knowing the fact that a copy of the original was already sent to home!!..The deadliest of the smiles is, the smile on the traffic police's face after you take  a right turn before he stops you and you end up in a dead end of the road and the police man already knew it !!! Some people smile for every reason,some people smile for no reason!!.some smile for valid reason..Although its just a word difference in writing about each ,Its all together a different world for each category of people.Its really tough to change a person smiling for all reason to person smiling for valid reason. Converting a person smiling for no reason can be a real challenge to the medical system!!.

Some people smile for their own happiness ,some smile for others.Some mean the smile when they smile, some
don't.Some are so desperate about making some one smile and some are desperate about some one else to make them smile.However, a smile is a smile and it remains as tough to read as it always was.I hope this blog makes you smile and as long as you smile .............I do smile!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I really don't know why i started blogging.But now I don't want to know why i started liking blogs so much.Even this time my epicentre of the saga is as cranky as I am. People who know me would find me a strange guy !!!!.of course,Its tough to accept a person like me wandering from an immaculate immature harping bout hundred things to indisputable intellect(?) working on epicentre!!.'Diversity' is one word i like the most!!!

I'm sure it would be a Terra bytes of data ,if every blogger at least writes completely about themselves.I'm adding few KBs now,undoubtedly scared of crossing the Terra bytes!!.I wasn't believing in life,until i was born.As all others,I opened my eyes to the world without even the hints of the dust that would spoil my eyesight.And by the time i realised it ,I had covered my eyes with a layer (I meant a reading glass !!) making an in vain attempt to protect it from the dust hoping it lasts till i melt in dust.I was so happy through out my good old days as I dint even have a hint that life has a different definition than the one I knew. I was happiest in my own ignorance , i wonder sometimes ignorance can throw so much light to life!!After all it is always pleasure to improve your life from the state of loosing blood to loosing sweat .I had my own world of sweating people ,sympathising bleeding people and I was enjoying the pride of being in high class family of sweating people.Probably this is where i started sympathising the bleeding people,despite i being sweating and i dint stop sympathising until i started empathising!.Although It might be the esteem of being in a high class (sweat) family,I'm proud i learnt to empathise and stood out of sympathisers!!!!

I couldn't give an excuse for not running behind the mean for daily bread.And that led me to find more definition of life,although until the recent past i have only been sympathised.I dint know the depth of diversity can be so shallow and i was really scared of the word 'Diversity'.Often we think what we have is nothing but we forget the path we have walked in before reaching the stop where we are in today.Although the diversity what we see today outside is nothing ,compared to the changes that happened to us and our own life from the point it started to the point where we are standing today ,its clearly eccentric to know that we are still scared of diversity!!! I wasn't an exception for all such human like feelings.I always believed the sculptor of my life is my own experience in life.And every time the experience chiseled a piece out of me, i got the better shape.I'm glad I could bear all the blunt blows ,which proved to be fatal to many others who tried to bear it along with me and I'm glad I could still survive.This is what makes me smile today when people around me cry for not being able to meet their contemporary needs.I recall the days of blood shed and i smile at myself and feel so proud of my strong will.Again the word Diversity dives in and I try to compare between the group crying for contemporary needs and the group crying for basic needs of life ,although both are (struggling to ) living today!!!.As the days passed the experiences became routine and i was so strong that after a while there was nothing new to experience,although i slowly turned out to be the most experienced in -'Diversity',so experienced that i hardly used to find it or rather my priorities are changed.As the days passed I walked my way watching things around me although I wasn't let to walk comfortably and cover my distance by my own governing factors in life...which i label as relatives,friends,society and rest everything ,except the one - My family.Every one will have someone behind their success in life ,but I was a step more fortunate I dint have 'some One' but I had 'My own more than one ' .As i covered more and more distance in my journey I became fond of the obstacles which hampered my swift moment and I found them the real mean of entertainment to minimise the strain of my journey!!.And i was a stone through distance away ,when all those obstacles were fond of me!!!

Today when I look back the path I walked I wonder was there really a road before? And every time I get such doubts Its again my family who uncovers the grass on the path to show me the footsteps of my own.As I said ,my own experience in life are serving as building blocks of my life and guiding hands of remaining journey.This is what makes me stay what Iam untill no more Iam.This is what makes me smile again at my destiny irrespective of whether I'm sitting on the shores of Hudson River looking at the Manhattan Centre in New York city or on a stone bench at Joga looking at the Jog Falls with a half baked corn in my hand!!. I'm still the same and I would remain too ,coz i know the truth......I still sweat

-Smile be continued ....till I bite the dust!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Journey from Anatomy to Autopsy-Life!!!!!!

Im as normal soul as you all are,running behind the meaningless task of finding the meaning of life.Im sure I would def laugh at my own blog tomorrrow and atleast few of my frens would think i have gone crazy looking at my this blog.But at this point of time..i feel i need to scrib about something i cant crib..:)

Although I have been moulded out of all the wonders of life,most of which I wouldnot even dare to dream about going through again, i still wonder sometimes I wander so much in life ,so much that i reach the pinnacle from where its really tough to trace back the origin.Sometimes, I smile at my own destiny for making me stand where Iam today.Im sure every living thing in the world has its own destiny but what matters is how much are you responsible for your destiny!!!..Not everything that you are destined to have in life is entirely coz of you....we strive to get things we love,although we are sure we will be strayed out!..we cry for our loved ones but we dont love...we try evrything but we wont be loved....Its so strange we search for life when we are still alive!!!!. .Thats why i call it as 'mad man's desires' which has a start and continues to run til the point that it has to be started again in a different soul,with different design!!!!!....In otherway - it never ends!!..
The only answer that one can get to the question 'What is life?' is the same question when some one comes to you and aks it.So dont ask it ever,coz wht you are doing is just answering someone elses question..:).

Frankly speaking..I started laughing at my blog now itself......So may be I will add few more lines some other day when i stop laughing..:)