Saturday, December 3, 2011


Sometimes i feel , what inspired us to write isn't an inspiring thing to discuss about.It can be an incident, can be your mood  or can be  a song like in my case today!!!!

                                                  Sitting on the couch of my house we got in only y'day,  suddenly  a thought came in ,where did all those days go when i used to pen down things that came in mind? Life looks so wonderful at times that we start thinking it  was our mad thought which made us think it wasn't y'day.All we need to know is what do i want  and where do i get that.Although it isn't as simple question as it look like for many , the day we get answer for it , it makes our day every day henceforth!!!!!Well...some realize early   , some late.But  i have realized it that my emotions get kicked off  when im not at home.Sitting in my couch  i can see the vehicles roaring on the roads of Christchurch Road  here in Bournemouth , 2 hrs drive from London.In a way.This  time writing from that land of  people who rules us for over 200 years.Nobody knew then that the smell of our ' sambar ' is  so good that could call people at thousands of miles away.So strange that today we are here by will , whom once we tried best to expel.In a way , they still rule us sitting  here.But this time it isn't the pedicure service that an Indian servant is offering a British officer but its named as computer services and the slave is called as an associate here.

Its the song that Rashmi was  singing from kitchen which pulled me to real life , and when i read above lines.....i questioned myself.... what the heck?.....what did i write about? industry?...ok.. forget it...crap.....I coudn't find  a bettter  title.