Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beauty of the Relationship!!

                    I never thought i could even shed tears until that day!!.I always thought i  dint know to express pain through tears.Even during the toughest time of my life my heart cried but never the eyes!!.More over i always argued tears are female owned assets and doesn't suit male.( may sound  as  chauvinism ..  :)  ) .But then , I gave up all my rules for one person that day and i felt the tears are worth  for the person!!! Yes, that was for none other than the soul of my life , the reason of my smile today .Rashmi was not well  and the pain was painted on her face. I could easily sense it as i never found any painting more beautiful than the smiling face of Rashmi  and that was missing that day!! To worsen it even more I witnessed the  reason of her pain which made me shiver.I was trying to  control all my fears to make her get rid of her fear!! I spoke the words to console but mind was calculating the possible reasons.After a while I thought i could  convince her and  made her sleep.But then my thoughts were controlling my heart beats!!.Rashmi was with me ,I knew she could read my mind but i dint know that she can even read my heart beats!!..Suddenly she woke up and asked " I know you are scared.This is not your regular heart beat."....Wow....i was shocked  for her accuracy in reading my heart beats and i could not say no to her interpretations!!!!.A new language was born between us which is probably the most encrypted language while highly descriptive!!!. Obviously ,I couldn't  hide my tears from a person who can read my mind sensing my heart beats!! I was broken by just imaginative feelings of being deprived of !!.The beauty of relationship was best realized that day !!!!Next moment  we both realized the intimacy between us ,which had brought a smile on our face!!. I relaxed  after finally  finding the most beautiful painting for me ever!!!!

      I'm sure every one of us have had such experience of fear of deprivations. I wish and pray for every one including myself, that  may  god  keep all of us happy until our beloved ones are happy!!.When I was a kid I always used to pray god,asking one thing ." Please take all the health,wealth and life of all my family members. Sum it ,average it and equally distribute among all of us!!".Although i have grown enough today to smile at my innocence then , I still wish  if it is possible!!! you all!!!!