Saturday, May 29, 2010


I don't know if it ever happened with anyone....but with me its the same every time......what made me write again now is the lonely feeling ,sitting alone in my room tens of thousands of miles away from home.Well.. at least for me it wasn't something not expected but then I'm still battling to measure the need of my loved ones in life.
                                                          A loud music that
Ramesh puts on ,while exercising is making my emotions flow together.And adding energy to my attempt of giving a consoling definition of this loneliness as an opportunity to know the importance of my lovely people.Wow...nobody would have got a harder way of learning and realising what is the feel of being deprived of something you cant live without in life !!!..It gives me the most torturing pleasure of having realized of the value of love in life though......I duno if it is an exaggeration but then i always felt  I'm  one such soul of more of deprivations in life than endowment....and the worst is it will always be cumulative and concurrent from all directions  when it comes.Its common in every one's life that you would be left alone at times,your most loved ones would hardly have time for you and you wouldn't have any time to spend with the one who loves you the most...Sometimes its your matured decision which makes you feel deprived and which drives you hard towards being immatured again!!!..In any case deprivations  is what making us to dance to its tunes!!.and what we or the counterpart would be left with is just this.....  I bet writing what you feel is one such great gift which bestows the things we are deprived of at times!!!....I'm using this platform of blogers
as a mean for finding solutions for my own worries and there by the mean for happiness!!!...
                                                      As  i rightly selected the name for my blog I'm sure its only sometimes in life that we feel we need some time!!!...incidentally
Ramesh has finished his exercise and even the music has stopped ...I started being matured again and realising that is my turn to cook today!!!! ......stopping now to write .. not until when Ramesh puts on the music again but....until I get immatured

-( Smile wont suit here)