Monday, October 25, 2010

The Love of My life!!!!

                   I had just come down from US and as usual was busy in flaunting about my US return tag!!!!...The reason for my return was my bro's which I wanted to njoy the most and I wanted to make it the best!!..So certainly I was busy in inviting all my relatives and was enjoying  answering to their questions about the US life and pretending as if it was very common for me!!..Almost every place I visited and almost everyone  i spoke ,used to ask me one question " Tamma e varsh madve appavna? "..... ( Are you planning to get married this year?)
                         In the mean time ,some people were really quick and my mom already had couple of horoscopes in hand and the stage was set!!!.. In fact I got the first  proposal while I was in US and  the proposal couldn't continue even until my return!!!.Since I being 5ft 6" was too  short for girl of 5ft 2"!!......well..Its good that some times even some bad things wont last long either!!!!!!. And then one from my Chikkamma ( aunt).Girl is a s/w eng,very good gal, good at everything!! the problem is girls is just 5ft!!..Neahaaa...again my US return tag came in my mind  and my dad adds fuel saying horoscope match is not very well but ok.....cmmon... US return and just OK horoscope way!!!!!
                                                                  And it goes on.....2-3 more interviews.Nothing works out and eventually the US return tag doesn't look any special for me ( although I happen to travel again ) .One fine day , Chikkamma happens to visit a function where  the 5ft gal's aunt would also be there.And a casual talk turns into 5ft and US return talks and incidentally both gets to know that the tag and 5ft are still  searching.And the news reaches me and i wonder even now what made me ask my Chikkamma " Why cant I meet 5ft once? If everything else is ok  what big deal bout horoscope? "              
                                                          It was   a bright Saturday afternoon.I was waiting in my passion red  Wagon-R near Marathahalli ,watching my rear view mirror once in every miliseconds and swinging my head left and right simulating the simple pendulum motion!!...It was already 10 min since i called 5ft  and was thinking where would she come from.Finally , i see a lil less than 5ft walking toward my car in my rear view mirror ( first time i saw her in my rear view mirror!!!!)...Well...not bad i opened the door for her and asked for a place of her choice.Probably the most uncontrolled talk of mine ever in my life was until we reached the Whitefield coffee day!!  and I had already spoken enough stupid topics!!....All i know in coffee day is that I had a regular coffee and she preferred to have strawberry shake,which she hates to the core!!!!!....compromising for each other had started right there!!!!.

                                       I dropped her back after an hour and a half talk , although neither  of us remember what we spoke on a life deciding meet.I called my best fren Sangeetha while on way back and she slapped on my reasons  and then my mom slapped me!!.....I often used to tell my frens that i should have that "Ting" moment i see my gal and then only i would go with her ..n... yes it happened!!.. By the time I reached home from Marathhalli  I started getting scared thinking " What if she says no? "  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                      

                             Its been 2 mnths now since the 5ft is completely tagged to US return.....and she wont forget to embarrass me recalling what stupid things i spoke on our first meet!!!!!...I love the way she talk bout that coz everytime she starts talking bout that .......I get a  chance to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!